Increased Productivity, Increased Profits, and Happier Customers

When it Comes to Dispatching...

 I work with hundreds of service companies around the country.

And I find that the dispatcher tends to be 2 things most of the time.

  1. The enemy of the company profit
  2. The enemy of the technicians

The funny part of that is…the dispatcher is just doing their job. Ouch!

 So, good news!

We developed a new way of dispatching that allows the dispatcher to be the hero and allows you to regain profits – well, really acquire profits that you didn’t even know were being lost!

There are three main types of dispatching:

  • First Come First Serve
  • Block Scheduling
  • Fluid Dispatching

What makes Fluid Dispatching so special? How could it be better than what you are currently doing?

Because it focuses on finding and keeping happy loyal customers for life while turning a profit.

Let me ask you a question, what’s more important – getting to everyone, every day, every time or creating loyal, repeat customers by providing prompt and more profitable service when it is “really” needed? 

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